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Toward successful personal work and relations. Applying a yin/yang model for classification and synthesis

: Sodan, A.

Sankt Augustin: GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, 1998, 27 pp.
GMD Report, 14
Fraunhofer FIRST ()
psycho-social quality; personal work; relation; classification; synthesis

For personal work and relations to be successful, a number of different psycho-social qualities are required. We postulate that all qualities exist in dual form, i.e. as pairs of opposite and complementary aspects which are further differentiable into two typical classes. In ancient philosophies, these are known as Yin/Yang and they appear in neuropsychology as the laterality of the brain's hemispheres. Using Yin/Yang classes enables us to keep the discussion largely non-sex-specific. Both neuropsychology and philosophy consider the full development and proper synthesis of both aspects be required for an individual to fully exploit his/her creative potential. Focusing on science and engineering, we discuss relevant pairs of qualities and their ideal synthesis. Furthermore, we propose a model of fractal Yin/Yang nesting and explain by this theory personal differences and the sex-relatedness.