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Referenzproben für Härteprüfung an Hochleistungskeramiken

Reference samples for hard testing of high-performance ceramics
: Reich, T.; Ullner, C.; Polzin, T.

Materialprüfung 43 (2001), No.4, pp.108-112
ISSN: 0025-5300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
ceramics; hardness; testing

In order to validate the European standard ENV 843-4 for hardness test of advanced technical ceramics new reference materials were used during the SMT-project CERANORM. The tailored materials of Si3N4, SiC, or Al2O3 meet the requirements of the standards ISO 4547 and ISO 6507-3 for metallic materials and exhibit an improved surface quality with a roughness Ra .ltoreq. 0.005 .mu.m. In addition to the verification of the testing equipment, the reference materials are used for investigating scatter and reproducibility as well as for staff training. The training on materials with a representative indentation behavior gives good experience and assists the appropriate choice of equipment and testing procedure.