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The virtual table: A future CAD workspace


Society of Manufacturing Engineers -SME-, Dearborn/Mich.:
Computer Technology Solutions for the Manufacturing Enterprise. CD-ROM
Detroit, 1999
13 pp.
Computer Technology Solutions Conference (CTS) <1999, Detroit/Mich.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D CAD; 3D Interaction; user interface metaphor; gesture recognition; Dynamic gesture recognition; Speech Input; Computer Aided Design (CAD); multimodal interaction; two-handed interaction; collaborative design; transparent props; virtual table; Augmented reality (AR)

Although product modeling is an inherently three-dimensional task, conventional displays, keyboards and 2D mice characterize today's CAD workplaces. 3D input devices are hardly used and direct 3D interaction in virtual space does not take place. The Virtual Table (VT) is a workbench-like back projection system. Stereoscopic rendering allows models to appear as floating above the table enabling the user to grab and move them through virtual space. This raises the need for appropriate direct 3D interaction techniques, which take the specific requirements of the VT and 3D modeling into account.
Although many 3D interaction techniques have evolved in VR over recent years, immersive VR is still not well accepted (nor affordable) as an environment for 3D modeling tasks. Comparatively, the Virtual Table has specific advantages as it mimics the conventional drawing board.
This paper presents ongoing research and development activities which are developing interaction techniques specifically suited for 3D modeling tasks at the Virtual Table, thus moving the Virtual Table towards a well-accepted tool in the CAD workplace.