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Material flow management - for clean and green production

: Jürgens, G.

Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth -NUTEK-:
Eco efficiency 2000. Towards sustainable economic growth : Malmö, Sweden, 19-21 June 2000
Stockholm: Nutek, 2000
Eco Efficiency Conference <2000, Malmö>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()
environmental management; material flow management; material accounting; environmental management information system (EMIS); cleaner production; eco efficiency

In the concept of Material Flow Management the Eco Efficiency of the production processes is assessed in regular intervals. The most important information basis for the assessment of Eco Efficiency is represented by an analysis of the material flows in the chain of production processes. In a pilot project at the company Trumpf GmbH & Co. it was analysed how the implementation of a company material flow management can be supported systematically by the use of an Environmental Management Information System (EMIS). Thereby a concept was developed and put into practise that allows the calculation of working-place-oriented material flows on the basis of production data from SAP R/3. The experience made in the context of the project at Trumpf shows that a regular assessment of material flows within the environmental management system can lead to a substantial improvement of the information basis which is necessary for the systematic optimisation of the Eco Efficiency of a companys production processes.