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Typology of production structures with respect to material flow management

: Bullinger, H.-J.; Jürgens, G.

Tabucacon, M.; Nagarur, N.N. ; Asian Institute of Technology -AIT-:
Facing the Challenges of the new Millennium. Proceedings of International Conference on Production Research 2000
Bangkok: AIT, 2000
International Conference on Production Research, Special Conference (Special ICPR 2000) <2000, Bangkok>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()
environmental management; cleaner production; material flow management; environmental management information system (EMIS); integrated environmental protection

Optimising production activities under ecological and economical constraints constitutes an outstanding challenge for modern industry. Since environmental aspects and costs are directly related to the processing of material, the implementation of Material Flow Management becomes a success factor in industry. The major step in the implementation of Material Flow Management is the modelling and assessment of material flows. The following paper presents a methodology to generate optimised material flow models based on a typology of productions structures and the use of Monte Carlo Simulation.