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3D surface inspection with a DMD based sensor

: Bitte, F.; Mischo, H.; Pfeifer, T.; Frankowski, G.

Osanna, P.H. ; International Measurement Confederation -IMEKO-, Technical Committee on Robotics -TC 17-; Österreichische Gesellschaft für Meß- und Automatisierungstechnik:
XVI IMEKO World Congress. Proceedings. Vol. 2: Topic 1, Education and training in measurement and instrumentation. Topic 2, Phonotic measurements. Topic 20, Micro and nano technology
Wien, 2000
ISBN: 3-901888-04-7
IMEKO World Congress <16, 2000, Vienna>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
metrology; surface inspection; confocal microscope; digital micromirror device; DMD; micro system technology

In this paper a method for non-contact scanning of small structures is presented similar to that of confocal microscopy but using the technology of Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) instead of ordinary pinholes. It offers parallel scanning of various specimen following to a principle, where a DMD is used for illumination and a selective CCD for detection. The fundamental concepts concerning system layout and system performance as well as measurement results with a first experimental demonstrator are presented.