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Numerical study of residual stresses and crack behaviour in a core shroud weld

: Varfolomeyev, I.V.; Siegele, D.; Beukelmann, D.

Life assessment and management for structural components. Vol.2
Kiev, 2000
International Conference "Life Assessment and Management for Structural Components" <2000, Kiev>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
BWR core shroud; circumferential weld; residual stresses; finite element method (FEM); stress intensity factor

This study focuses on an integrity assessment of a BWR core shroud in the region of its circumferential welds. To accurately evaluate the residual stresses in the weld region which are the dominant part of the component loading, numerical simulation of the welding process is performed. Calculations of the crack driving parameter, the stress intensity factor, are carried out for complete circumferential cracks at different locations using a numerical procedure, as well as by applying a weight function solution specially developed for cracks in a thin-walled cylinder, the geometry addressed in this paper. A matter of concern is also the applicability of linear-elastic fracture mechanics and the related K1-concept to describe crack behavior in welded components. As a particular task, the trend is studied for the stress intensity factor of a complete circumferential crack whose depth approaches the full wall thickness.