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Classification terms in developmental toxicology: need for harmonisation

: Chahoud, I.; Buschmann, J.; Clark, R.; Druga, A.; Falke, H.; Faqi, A.; Hansen, E.; Heinrich-Hirsch, B.; Hellwig, J.; Lingk, W.; Parkinson, M.; Paumgartten, F.J.R.; Pfeil, R.; Platzek, T.; Scialli, A.R.; Seed, J.; Stahlmann, R.; Ulbrich, B.; Wu, X.; Yasuda, M.; Younes, M.; Solecki, R.


Reproductive toxicology 13 (1999), No.1, pp.77-82
ISSN: 0890-6238
ISSN: 1873-1708
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
toxicology-experimental; standardization

The existence of ambiguities and inconsistencies in the use of terms for structural anomalies is a major problem in developmental toxicology and causes great difficulties for administrative decision makers involved in public health evaluation of chemical substances. The absence of harmonisation of terminology is no longer acceptable for regulatory purposes. The debate is unending, however, refinement and consensus are indispensable. This article is a report of the Second Workshop on Terminology in Developmental Toxicology. Experts from research institutions, regulatory agencies, and industries took part in this workshop, which has started a process of discussion that eventually will lead to a harmonisation of terminology used for classification of structural anomalies.