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Combining inorganic and organic gas sensor elements: a new approach for multi-component sensing

: Harsanyi, G.; Reczey, M.; Dobay, R.; Lepsenyi, I.; Illyefalvi-Vitez, Z.; Steen, J. van den; Vervaet, A.; Reinert, W.; Urbancik, J.; Guljajev, A.; Visy, C.; Inzelt, G.; Barsony, I.


Sensor review 19 (1999), No.2, pp.128-134
ISSN: 0260-2288
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
air pollution measurement; gas sensor; signal processing; thick film devices; thin film devices

Atmospheric dependent, gas sensitive resistors seem to be good candidates for detecting critical air pollution levels. Great progress has been made in the development of various sensor types, but less attention seems to be paid to the integration of sensor elements with different characteristics. The aim of this international project is to develop a smart hybrid gas multi-sensor module for environmental applications, i.e., by combining classical thick- and thin-film elements with polymer-film based sensors and also a signal processing ASIC within a single package, which should be useful for all sensor types. The module can be used for multi-sensor operation when connected to an intelligent signal-processing unit.