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GaSb photovoltaic cells for applications in TPV generators

: Bett, A.W.; Sulima, O.V.


Semiconductor Science and Technology 18 (2003), No.5, pp.184-190
ISSN: 0268-1242
ISSN: 1361-6641
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISE ()

GaSb thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cells are one of the reasons for the renewed interest in TPV technology. Today, they are the most suitable choice for modem TPV generators. This paper reviews the background and the status of the GaSb photovoltaic cell development. GaSb TPV cells are fabricated either by a zinc vapour diffusion technology or by epitaxial methods such as liquid phase epitaxy or metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy. Efficiencies of more than 30% under filtered blackbody spectra were reported.