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Software radio and reconfiguration management

: Moessner, K.; Bourse, D.; Greifendorf, D.; Stammen, J.


Computer Communications 26 (2003), No.1, pp.26-35
ISSN: 0140-3664
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMS ()
reconfigurable communication system; heterogeneous network; software-defined radio; Reconfigurability

The Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) work area on Emerging Technologies pursues the identification of technologies furthering the evolution of future wireless communication systems. Within this exercise, the progression of telecommunications in the next decade is characterised as the convergence towards an IP-based core network providing ubiquitous seamless wireless access in an hierarchical and hybrid self-organising network environment. Whereb, the various radio access systems and the IP based core network will handle interworking, mobility management, and roaming. The key to facilitate this convergence on the access side are Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio (SDR) equipments. Subscribers and users will greatly benefit from this federated telecommunication environment, but only, if they are equipped with a single integrated reconfigurable multi-mode multi-band terminal. Such terminals have to operate in either several or even all the different access environments available and they have to support the whole range of applications that are usually accessible on devices specific for the single access technology in the heterogeneous network environment.
This article outlines and describes the SDR Research issues identified in workarea 3 of WWRF (New Communication Environment and Heterogeneous Networks), it focuses and describes the three major research directions followed: High Level System Requirements, SDR Hardware Architecture and System and Software Architectures for Reconfigurable communication systems.