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A computer-based intelligent assessment system for numeric disciplines

: Patel, A.; Kinshuk, K.; Russel, D.

Information services & use 18 (1998), No.1/2, pp.53-63
ISSN: 0167-5265
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIT ()

The paper describes an intelligent assessment system for numeric disciplines. The system works in conjunction with the intelligent tutoring tools developed by TLTP Byzantium, a consortium of six UK Universities. The benefits of the intelligent assessment system discussed in this paper include the saving of teacher time and effort previously spent in marking and compilation of results. The faster turnaround of the assessment related work resulting into a much shorter testing, assessment and feedback cycle, enables more frequent testing. Since tutoring tools are knowledge based, they are capable of generating infinite number of test problems by randomly selecting the independent variables and assigning them random values, as well as providing solution to the generated problems. For developing data interpretation skills, it is possible for a teacher to hand out a problem expressed in a narrative form and provide a model answer to the assessment system. A unique feature of the Byzantium assessment system is its capability of discriminating between incorrect interpretation of given data and incorrect method of solution, allowing a teacher to set a fractional score for a variable that is calculated using a correct method but based on an incorrect interpretation of data.