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Discipline attributes and teaching style: Environmental contexts of an ITS design for determining multimedia and virtual reality representations

: Patel, A.; Kinshuk, K.

Knowledge transfer 1 (1998), No.1, pp.107-113
ISSN: 1463-936X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIT ()
environmental context of learning; intelligent tutoring system; knowledge characteristic; multimedia tutoring system; virtual reality based tutoring

The issue of context has been an important area of research in recent years among researchers from various fields. However, there has been no explicit consideration of context in the design and development of intelligent tutoring systems (ITS). With the exception of the research on Student Model, the environmental contexts of an ITS appear to have been largely ignored. These include the nature of subject discipline and the level of its learning; the characteristics of knowledge and suitability of an ITS for the construction of a particular type of knowledge; and the attributes and role of a human teacher - both as educational designers and educational implementers within a joint cognitive system consisting of the ITS, student and human teacher. This paper focuses on the need to adequately consider the nature of subject discipline and the level of its learning as well as the possible teaching styles of an implementing teacher in determining appropriate Multimedia and Virtual Reality representations in an ITS.