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Local storage systems for continuous data with heterogeneous timing requirements

: Pfeifer, T.; Blobelt, A.


Computer Communications 18 (1995), No.3, pp.160-169
ISSN: 0140-3664
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
Storage system; file system; intelligent peripheral device; continuous data; multimedia; computer architecture

Today's magnetic storage systems (hard disks) in the work-station area are trimmed for maximal overall speed without considering the needs of individual files. They are addressed on the track/head/sector level, which is usually a disk-internal translation of the more sophisticated real disk geometry. This paper introduces the structure of an operating system-independent storage system with file-level access. The system is scalable in size, and is designed to contain separate partitions or disks for short/long time storage and caching. The built-in microcontroller administrates the file system and performs access optimization and reordering in accordance with the real hard disk geometry. A set of new file attributes is defined to individualize the optimization process for continuous data. Algorithms for optimizing are discussed.