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Biomimetic walking robot SCORPION: Control and modeling

: Klaassen, B.; Linnemann, R.; Spenneberg, D.; Kirchner, F.


Robotics and autonomous systems 41 (2002), No.2-3, pp.69-76
ISSN: 0921-8890
ISSN: 0167-8493
Journal Article
Fraunhofer AIS ( IAIS) ()
SCORPION walking robot; biomimetic control scheme; basic motion pattern; reflex; reactivity; modeling; simulation; ADAMS simulator; real scorpion; walking pattern; smooth acceleration

We present a biomimetic control scheme for the walking robot SCORPION. We used the concept of Basic Motion Patterns, which can be combined in a very flexible mariner. Also reflexes are introduced to increase the reactivity. In addition our modeling and simulation approach is described, based on the ADAMS TM simulator. Especially the motion patterns of real scorpions were analyzed and used for walking patterns and smooth acceleration of the robot.