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Statistical mechanics of canonical-dissipative systems and applications to swarm dynamics

: Schweitzer, F.; Ebeling, W.; Tilch, B.


Physical Review. E 64 (2001), No.2, Art. 021110, 12 pp.
ISSN: 1063-651X
ISSN: 1539-3755
Journal Article
Fraunhofer AIS ( IAIS) ()
swarm dynamics; active motion; dissipative systems

We develop the theory of canonical-dissipative systems, based on the assumption that both the conservative and the dissipative elements of the dynamics are determined by invariants of motion. In this case, known solutions for conservative systems can be used for an extension of the dynamics, which also includes elements such as the takeup/dissipation of energy. This way, a rather complex dynamics can be mapped to an analytically tractable model, while still covering important features of nonequilibrium systems. In our paper, this approach is used to derive a rather general swarm model that considers (a) the energetic conditions of swarming, i.e., for active motion, and (b) interactions between the particles based on global couplings. We derive analytical expressions for the nonequilibrium velocity distribution and the mean squared displacement of the swarm. Further, we investigate the influence of different global couplings on the overall behavior of the swarm by means of particle-based computer simulations and compare them with the analytical estimations.