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2018Representing medication guidelines for use in production rule systems in the context of POLYCARE project
Könning, Jonas W.; Velasco, Carlos A; Mohamad, Yehya; Decker, Stefan; Beyan, Oya
2015Developing advanced accessibility conformance tools for the ubiquitous web
Ackermann, Philip; Vlachogiannis, Evangelos; Velasco, Carlos A.
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2014Position paper: Tools for the development of accessible and interoperable services for the Web of Things
Velasco, Carlos A.; Mohamad, Yehya
2012Virtual user models for designing and using of inclusive products
Mohamad, Yehya; Dangelmaier, Manfred; Peissner, Matthias; Biswas, Pradipta; Velasco, Carlos A.