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2019Inkjet Printing of Self‐Supporting and Self‐Contained Structured Objects Onto Liquid Surfaces
Goedel, W.A.; Gläser, K.; Mitra, D.; Thalheim, R.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Hammerschmidt, J.; Baumann, R.R.
2019Printing Reinforcing Structures onto Microsieves that are Floating on a Water Surface
Goedel, W.A.; Gläser, K.; Mitra, D.; Hammerschmidt, J.; Thalheim, R.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Baumann, R.R.
2015Effect of the light spectrum of various substrates for inkjet printed conductive structures sintered with intense pulsed light
Weise, D.; Mitra, K.Y.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Baumann, R.R.
2014Characterization of fully inkjet-printed microsieves and of patterns for the mechanical reinforcement of fragile membranes
Hammerschmidt, J.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Eck, E.-M.; Zeiner, C.; Thalheim, R.; Baumann, R.R.
2014Roll-to-roll infrared sintering of gravure printed silver patterns in applications of back-injection-molded functional lightweight structures
Hartwig, M.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Mischke, A.; Gaitzsch, M.; Heinrich, M.; Großmann, T.D.; Kurth, S.; Kroll, L.; Gessner, T.; Baumann, R.R.
2014Structural health monitoring with quantum dots
Moebius, M.; Martin, J.; Poppitz, E.A.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Tofighi, G.; Gordan, O.D.; Dzhagan, V.M.; Lang, H.; Baumann, R.R.; Zahn, D.R.T.; Otto, T.; Gessner, T.; Kroll, L.
2013Inkjet Printing of Microsieves and Reinforcing Patterns for Fragile Microsieves
Hammerschmidt, J.; Gläser, K.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Wolf, F.M.; Goedel, W.A.; Baumann, R.R.
2013Printing of GHz antenna pattern on flexible substrates for the manufacturing of intelligent light-weight structures
Ueberfuhr, P.; Siegel, F.; Grossmann, T.; Gaitzsch, M.; Kurth, S.; Baumann, R.R.
2012Inkjet system for printing mechanical reinforcing patterns directly on fragile membranes floating on liquid surfaces
Ueberfuhr, P.; Hammerschmidt, J.; Gläser, K.; Goedel, W.A.; Baumann, R.R.