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2017Computer-Integrated Engineering and Design
Martins, T.W.; Abedini, S.; Ahmels, L.; Albrecht, K.; Anderl, R.; Bruder, E.; Groche, P.; Kaufmann, H.; Mahajan, P.; Melz, T.; Özel, M.; Pouriayevali, H.; Reising, J.; Schäfer, S.; Tijani, Y.; Tomasella, A.; Xu, B.-X.
Aufsatz in Buch
2017Cyclic Material Behavior of High-Strength Steels Used in the Fatigue Assessment of Welded Crane Structures with a Special Focus on Transient Material Effects
Möller, B.; Tomasella, A.; Wagener, R.; Melz, T.
2017Manufacturing Induced Properties
Ahmels, L.; Bott, A.-K.; Bruder, E.; Gibbels, M.; Gramlich, S.; Hansmann, M.; Karin, I.; Kohler, M.; Lipp, K.; Melz, T.; Müller, C.; Neufeld, D.; Niehuesbernd, J.; Roos, M.; Tomasella, A.; Ulbrich, S.; Wagener, R.; Walter, A.
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2016Analysis of different fatigue damage accumulation theories and damage parameters based on experiments with the steel HC340LA
Palma, V. de; Tomasella, A.; Frendo, F.; Melz, T.; Sonsino, C.M.
2016Description of transient material behaviour under constant and variable amplitude loading for cold formed steels by linear flow splitting
Tomasella, Alessio
2015Influence of the transient material behaviour in the fatigue life estimation under random loading
Tomasella, A.; Wagener, R.; Melz, T.
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2014Experimental analysis of the ratcheting behavior of linear flow split flanges of HC340LA
Palma, Valerio de; Tomasella, Alessio; Frendo, Francesco; Sonsino, Cetin Morris; Melz, Tobias
2013Application of the local strain approach on a rolling point contact model
Karin, Ivan; Tomasella, Alessio; Landersheim, Volker; Kaufmann, Heinz; Hanselka, Holger
2013An experimental and numerical fatigue assessment of ultrafine-grained microstructures produced by severe plastic deformation under constant and variable amplitude loading
Tomasella, Alessio; Bauer, Oliver; Landersheim, Volker; Eufinger, Jens; Kaufmann, Heinz; Hanselka, Holger
2013Fatigue assessment of a work hardened planet carrier
Tomasella, Alessio; Landersheim, Volker; Waterkotte, R.; Kaufmann, Heinz; Hanselka, Holger
2013Fatigue life estimation of non-penetrated butt weldments in ligth metals by artificial neural network approach
Karakas, O.; Tomasella, A.
2012Einfluss der Versuchsunterstützung auf die Abschätzungsgenauigkeit mittels künstlich neuronaler Netze
Dsoki, Chalid el; Tomasella, Alessio; Hanselka, Holger; Kaufmann, Heinz
2011A computational estimation of cyclic material properties using artificial neural networks
Tomasella, A.; Dsoki, C. el; Hanselka, H.; Kaufmann, H.
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2010An estimation method for determining cyclic material properties for structural durability design according to the local strain approach
Dsoki, C. el; Kaufmann, H.; Tomasella, A.
2010The use of Artificial Neural Networks for simulating experimental fatigue tests
Tomasella, A.; Hanselka, H.; Dsoki, C. el