Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Cash, Cards or Cryptocurrencies? A Study of Payment Culture in Four Countries
Busse, K.; Tahaei, M.; Krombholz, K.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Smith, M.; Tian, J.; Xu, W.
2020Water-Soluble Polymers with Appending Porphyrins as Bioinspired Catalysts for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Xie, L.; Tian, J.; Ouyang, Y.; Guo, X.; Zhang, W.; Apfel, U.-P.; Zhang, W.; Cao, R.
2007Envelope model for resonant converters and application in LLC converters
Tian, J.; Petzoldt, J.; Reimann, T.; Scherf, M.; Deboy, G.; Maerz, M.; Berger, G.
2007Influences of magnetic inductance, leakage inductance and saturable inductance on an active clamp forward converter
Tian, J.; Reimann, T.; Scherf, M.; Li, D.; Deboy, G.; März, M.; Petzoldt, J.