Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Achievement Of CDAPSA Low Disease Activity Or Remission Is Associated With Control Of Articular And Extra-Articular Manifestations Of Active Psoriatic Arthritis In Subjects Treated With Apremilast
Coates, L.C.; Mease, P.J.; Behrens, F.; Orbai, A.M.; Ogdie, A.; Brunori, M.; Teng, L.; Guerette, B.; Smolen, J.S.
2019Probability Of Achieving Low Disease Activity Or Remission In Subjects With Active Psoriatic Arthritis Treated With Apremilast
Mease, P.J.; Behrens, F.; Gladman, D.D.; Kavanaugh, A.; Brunori, M.; Teng, L.C.; Guerette, B.; Queiro, R.; Ogdie, A.
2014Direct UV-imprinting of hybrid-polymer photonic microring resonators and their characterization
Kirchner, R.; Finn, A.; Landgraf, R.; Nueske, L.; Teng, L.C.; Vogler, M.; Fischer, W.-J.
2014OFETs with sub-100 nm channel length fabricated by wafer-scale NIL and comprehensive DC and AC characterizations
Teng, L.; Finn, A.; Plötner, M.; Shi, H.; Fischer, W.-J.
2013Nanoimprint assisted inkjet printing to fabricate sub-micron channel organic field effect transistors
Teng, L.; Plötner, M.; Türke, A.; Adolphi, B.; Finn, A.; Kirchner, R.; Fischer, W.-J.
2012Fabrication and characterization of sub-500 nm channel organic field effect transistor using UV nanoimprint lithography with cheap Si-mold
Teng, L.; Kirchner, R.; Plötner, M.; Türke, A.; Jahn, A.; He, J.; Hagemann, F.; Fischer, W.-J.
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2011UV-nanoimprinting using non-transparent molds and non-transparent substrates
Kirchner, R.; Finn, A.; Teng, L.; Ploetner, M.; Jahn, A.; Nueske, L.; Fischer, W.-J.