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2020Achievements, experiences, and lessons learned from the European research infrastructure ERIGrid related to the validation of power and energy systems
Strasser, T.I.; Jong, E.C.W. de; Sosnina, M.; Rodriguez-Seco, J.E.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Babazadeh, D.; Mäki, K.; Bhandia, R.; Brandl, R.; Sandroni, C.; Heussen, K.; Coffele, F.
2020Hardware-in-the-Loop Assessment Methods
Nguyen, V.H.; Tran, Q.T.; Guillo-Sansano, E.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Gavriluta, C.; Lauss, G.; Strasser, T.I.; Jensen, T.V.; Heussen, K.; Gehrke, O.; Besanger, Y.; Nguyen, T.L.; Syed, M.H.; Brandl, Ron; Arnold, Gunter
Aufsatz in Buch
2019Asynchronous Integration of Real-Time Simulators for HIL-based Validation of Smart Grids
Gavriluta, C.; Lauss, G.; Strasser, T.I.; Montoya, J.; Brandl, R.; Kotsampopoulos, P.
2018Advanced Testing Chain Supporting the Validation of Smart Grid Systems and Technologies
Brandl, R.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Lauss, G.; Maniatopoulos, M.; Nuschke, M.; Montoya, J.; Strasser, T.I.; Strauß-Mincu, D.
2018An integrated pan-European research infrastructure for validating smart grid systems
Strasser, T.I.; Pröstl Andrén, F.; Widl, E.; Lauss, G.; Jong, E.C.W. De; Calin, M.; Sosnina, M.; Khavari, A.; Rodriguez, J.E.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Blank, M.; Steinbrink, C.; Mäki, K.; Kulmala, A.; Meer, A. van der; Bhandia, R.; Brandl, R.; Arnold, G.; Sandroni, C.; Pala, D.; Morales Bondy, D.E.; Heussen, K.; Gehrke, O.; Coffele, F.; Tran, Q.-T.; Rikos, E.; Nguyen, V.H.; Orue, I.; Degefa, M.Z.; Manikas, S.
2018Using power-hardware-in-the-loop experiments together with co-simulation for the holistic validation of cyber-physical energy systems
Nguyen, V.H.; Besanger, Y.; Tran, Q.T.; Boudinnet, C.; Nguyen, T.L.; Brandl, R.; Strasser, T.I.
2017Cyber-physical energy systems modeling, test specification, and co-simulation based testing
Meer, A.A. van der; Palensky, P.; Heussen, K.; Morales Bondy, D.E.; Gehrke, O.; Steinbrinki, C.; Blanki, M.; Lehnhoff, S.; Widl, E.; Moyo, C.; Strasser, T.I.; Nguyen, V.H.; Akroud, N.; Syed, M.H.; Emhemed, A.; Rohjans, S.; Brandl, R.; Khavari, A.M.
2017An integrated research infrastructure for validating cyber-physical energy systems
Strasser, T.I.; Moyo, C.; Bründlinger, R.; Lehnhoff, S.; Blank, M.; Palensky, P.; Meer, A.A. van der; Heussen, K.; Gehrke, O.; Rodriguez, J.E.; Merino, J.; Sandroni, C.; Verga, M.; Calin, M.; Khavari, A.; Sosnina, M.; Jong, E. de; Rohjans, S.; Kulmala, A.; Mäki, K.; Brandl, R.; Coffele, F.; Burt, G.M.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Hatziargyriou, N.
2017Simulation-based validation of smart grids - status quo and future research trends
Steinbrink, C.; Lehnhoff, S.; Rohjans, S.; Strasser, T.I.; Widl, E.; Moyo, C.; Lauss, G.; Lehfuss, F.; Faschang, M.; Palensky, P.; Meer, A.A. van der; Heussen, K.; Gehrke, O.; Guillo-Sansano, E.; Syed, M.H.; Emhemed, A.; Brandl, R.; Nguyen, V.H.; Khavari, A.; Tran, Q.T.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Hatziargyriou, N.; Akroud, N.; Rikos, E.; Degefa, M.Z.