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2020Towards a wastewater energy recovery system: The utilization of humidified ammonia by a solid oxide fuel cell stack
Stoeckl, Bernhard; Preininger, Michael; Subotić, Vanja; Megel, Stefan; Folgner, Christoph; Hochenauer, Christoph
2019Ammonia as promising fuel for solid oxide fuel cells: Experimental analysis and performance evaluation
Stoeckl, Bernhard; Preininger, Michael; Subotić, Vanja; Schroettner, Hartmuth; Sommersacher, Peter; Seidl, Michael; Megel, Stefan; Hochenauer, Christoph
2019Fast fuel variation and identification of SOFC system changes using online health monitoring tools and fault diagnosis
Subotić, Vanja; Harter, Philipp; Stoeckl, Bernhard; Preininger, Michael; Kusnezoff, Mihails; Lawlor, Vincent; Pofahl, Stefan; Napporn, Teko; Megel, Stefan; Schroettner, Hartmuth; Hochenauer, Christoph
2018Electrochemical characterization of a CFY-stack with planar electrolyte-supported solid oxide cells in rSOC operation
Preininger, Michael; Subotić, Vanja; Stoeckl, Bernhard; Schauperl, Richard; Reichholf, David; Megel, Stefan; Kusnezoff, Mihails; Hochenauer, Christoph