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2012Advantages of voice reproduction and the development of a biomimetic self-regulating double-clack valve for a prosthesis of the larynx
Nazaradeh, F.; Dupre, M.A.; Doerge, T.; Eckermann, C.; Kelterer, W.; Nazaradeh, D.; Steltenkamp, S.
2011Bionische Entwicklung eines selbstregulierenden Doppelklappenventils nach Vorbild der laryngealen Doppelventilfunktion
Kelterer, W.; Dörge, T.; Dupre, M.; Eckermann, C.; Nazaradeh, F.; Poppendieck, W.; Steltenkamp, S.; Hoffmann, K.-P.
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
2010Electrochemical and neurophysiological testing of implantable electrode structures for the myogenic signal acquisition
Steltenkamp, S.; Dörge, T.; Ruff, R.; Dietl, H.; Hoffmann, K.-P.
2010A technical setup for ECG-controlled stimulation of the n. vagus
Hoffmann, K.P.; Becher, K.; Dörge, T.; Ruff, R.; Steltenkamp, S.
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
2009Design and fabrication of an ultra-flexible electrode system for invasive continuous monitoring during surgery
Kraemer, S.; Doerge, T.; Hanauer, M.; Hoffmann, K.-P.; Kneist, W.; Steltenkamp, S.; Ulmer, C.; Lamade, W.
2009Electrode structures for acquisition and neural stimulation controlling the cardiovascular system
Steltenkamp, S.; Becher, K.; Doerge, T.; Ruff, R.; Hoffmann, K.-P.
2009A measurement set-up to determine the charge injection capacity of neural microelectrodes
Poppendieck, W.; Koch, K.P.; Steltenkamp, S.; Hoffmann, K.-P.
2009Novel method for a flexible double sided microelectrode fabrication process
Doerge, T.; Kammer, S.; Hanauer, M.; Sossalla, A.; Steltenkamp, S.