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2013"NDcitylineiaks" system: Modular decentralized waste water disposal system for Nam Dinh City
Erhardt, Bernd; Kasbohm, Jörn; Ngan, Le Duc; Lai, Le Thi; Wessel, Horst; Thi Hong, Nguyen; Kim Oanh, Le Thi; Minh Vu, Doanh; Schlüter, Stefan; Keuter, Volkmar; Steingrube, Wilhelm
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2013Evaluation of the rural area in local IWRM planning based on the example of the craft village Tong Xa, Nam Dinh Province
Grothe, Steffen; Emmerich, Ralph; Thi Hong, Nguyen; Kim Oanh, Le Thi; Quynh Huong, Nghiem; Thanh Lan, Nguyen; Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen; Asmuss, Kristin; The Viet, Nguyen; Steingrube, Wilhelm; Hartlieb, Jörg; Schlüter, Stefan; Keuter, Volkmar; Wessel, Horst; Erhardt, Bernd; Thi Lai, Le; Kasbohm, Jörn
Aufsatz in Buch
2012Acceptance of biofuels - requirements and perspectives of conventional and advanced biofuels for the German market
Hoek, Jannis
: Steingrube, Wilhelm (Betreuer); Maga, Daniel (Betreuer)