Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Gut microbial transformation of the dietary mutagen MeIQx may reduce exposure levels without altering intestinal transport
Zhang, J.; Empl, M.T.; Schneider, M.; Schröder, B.; Stadnicka-Michalak, J.; Breves, G.; Steinberg, P.; Sturla, S.J.
2019Human gut microbial glycerol dehydratase function: impact on chemical metabolism and toxicological relevance
Sturla, S.; Zhang, J.; Hurley, K.; Empl, M.T.; Schneider, M.; Breves, G.; Steinberg, P.; Schwab, C.; Lacroix, C.
2019Surface defects reduce Carbon Nanotube toxicity in vitro
Requardt, H.; Braun, A.; Steinberg, P.; Hampel, S.; Hansen, T.
2018Investigations on the Toxicity of CeO2 Nanoparticles after Subchronic Inhalation of Low Doses
Schwotzer, Daniela
: Kietzmann, Manfred (Scientific supervision); Steinberg, Pablo (Scientific supervision); Dasenbrock, Clemens (Scientific supervision); Gebel, Thomas
2017Evaluation of a human in vitro hepatocyte-NPC co-culture model for the prediction of idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury: A pilot study
Granitzny, Anne; Knebel, Jan; Müller, Meike; Braun, Armin; Steinberg, Pablo; Dasenbrock, Clemens; Hansen, Tanja
2017Maintenance of high quality rat precision cut liver slices during culture to study hepatotoxic responses: Acetaminophen as a model compound
Granitzny, Anne; Knebel, Jan; Schaudien, Dirk; Braun, Armin; Steinberg, Pablo; Dasenbrock, Clemens; Hansen, Tanja
2016Investigating the cytotoxicity of different forms of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and their use as a potential drug delivery carrier
Requardt, H.; Hansen, T.; Hampel, S.; Steinberg, P.; Dasenbrock, C.
2016Prediction of idiosyncratic drug-induced hepatotoxicity. Pro-inflammatory stimuli are needed to differentiate between iDILI and non-DILI compounds
Granitzny, A.; Knebel, J.W.; Steinberg, P.; Dasenbrock, C.; Hansen, T.
2015Biologische Wirkungen synthetisch hergestellter Multiwall-Carbon-Nanotubes am Tiermodell und in der Zellkultur
Hackbarth, Anja
: Steinberg, Pablo (Wiss. Betreuer); Dasenbrock, Clemens (Wiss. Betreuer); Steinberg, Pablo (1. Gutachter); Kietzmann, Manfred (2. Gutachter)
2015Development of a co-culture model for the prediction of idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury
Granitzny, Anne; Hansen, Tanja; Knebel, Jan W.; Dasenbrock, Clemens; Steinberg, Pablo
2015A saline lavage model in the isolated perfused rat lung
Walter, Dorothee; Fischer, Monika; Steinberg, Pablo; Dasenbrock, Clemens
2014BrdU screening - short-time test for reliable prediction of carcinogenicity for MWCNT
Hackbarth, Anja; Schaudien, Dirk; Bellmann, Bernd; Ernst, Heinrich; Leonhardt, Albrecht; Steinberg, Pablo; Rittinghausen, Susanne
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2013Biologische Wirkungen von nanostrukturiertem Carbon Black auf pulmonale Zielzellen
Kopf, Johannes Claudius
: Steinberg, Pablo (1. Gutachter); Bicker, Gerd (2. Gutachter); Dasenbrock, Clemens (Wiss. Betreuer)
2013Effects of carbon black nanoparticles on human pulmonary cell lines and precision cut lung slices
Hansen, Tanja; Kopf, Johannes Claudius; Danov, Olga; Ströbele, M.; Braun, Armin; Sewald, Katherina; Steinberg, P.; Fehrenbach, H.
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2013Multiwall carbon nanotubes exhibit a cytotoxic but not directly DNA-damaging potential in human LP9/TERT-1 peritoneal mesothelial cells
Hackbarth, Anja; Ziemann, Christina; Albrecht, L.; Steinberg, Pablo; Bellmann, Bernd
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2013Untersuchungen zum Wirkmechanismus von Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes an Bronchialepithelzellen
Walter, Dorothee
: Steinberg, Pablo (Erstprüfer); Hansen, Tanja (Zweitprüfer); Niehof, Monika (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2009Inflammation does not precede or accompany the induction of preneoplastic lesions in the colon of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine-fed rats
Kühnel, D.; Taugner, F.; Scholtka, B.; Steinberg, P.