Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Eco-Factors for International Company Environmental Management Systems
Schebek, Liselotte; Gassmann, Andrea; Nunweiler, Elisabeth; Wellge, Steffen; Werthen, Moritz
2019Comparing carbon performances of mobility services and private vehicles from a life cycle perspective
Neef, M.; Dettmer, T.; Schebek, Liselotte
Aufsatz in Buch
2019Energetic potential and environmental assessment of solid wastes as alternative fuel for cement plants
Hannoun, G.; Jaouad, A.; Schebek, Liselotte; Belkziz, J.; Ouazzani, N.
2019Environmental performance of emerging photovoltaic technologies: Assessment of the status quo and future prospects based on a meta-analysis of life-cycle assessment studies
Weyand, S.; Wittich, C.; Schebek, Liselotte
2019Estimation of mining and landfilling activities with associated overburden through satellite data: Germany 2000-2010
Yoshida, K.; Okuoka, K.; Miatto, A.; Schebek, Liselotte; Tanikawa, H.
2019Evaluation of co-firing as a cost-effective short-term sustainable CO2 mitigation strategy in Germany
Knapp, S.; Güldemund, A.; Weyand, S.; Schebek, Liselotte
2019Life cycle assessment of organic photovoltaic charger use in Europe: The role of product use intensity and irradiation
Glogic, E.; Weyand, S.; Tsang, M.P.; Young, S.B.; Schebek, Liselotte; Sonnemann, G.
2019Materialkreisläufe der Energiewende: Potentiale, Technologien, Nachhaltigkeit
Schebek, Liselotte; Gutfleisch, Oliver; Gassmann, Jürgen; Zimmermann, Jörg
Aufsatz in Buch
2019Resource efficiency analysis of lubricating strategies for machining processes using life cycle assessment methodology
Campitelli, A.; Cristóbal, J.; Fischer, J.; Becker, B.; Schebek, Liselotte
2018Environmental and economic assessment of borehole thermal energy storage in district heating systems
Welsch, B.; Göllner-Völker, L.; Schulte, D.O.; Bär, K.; Sass, I.; Schebek, Liselotte
2018An Ex-ante LCA Study of Rare Earth Extraction from NdFeB Magnet Scrap Using Molten Salt Electrolysis
Schulze, R.; Abbasalizadeh, A.; Bulach, W.; Schebek, Liselotte; Buchert, M.
2018A Framework for Self-Evaluation and Increase of Resource-Efficient Production through Digitalization
Haag, S.; Bauerdick, C.; Campitelli, A.; Anderl, R.; Abele, E.; Schebek, Liselotte
2018Modeling the potential impact of lithium recycling from EV batteries on lithium demand: A dynamic MFA approach
Ziemann, S.; Müller, D.B.; Schebek, Liselotte; Weil, M.
2018Recycling and its effects on joint production systems and the environment - the case of rare earth magnet recycling - Part I - Production model
Schulze, R.; Weidema, B.P.; Schebek, Liselotte; Buchert, M.
2017Developing a Life Cycle Inventory for Rare Earth Oxides from Ion-Adsorption Deposits: Key Impacts and Further Research Needs
Schulze, R.; Lartigue-Peyrou, F.; Ding, J.; Schebek, Liselotte; Buchert, M.
2017Material stocks of the non-residential building sector: The case of the Rhine-Main area
Schebek, Liselotte; Schnitzer, B.; Blesinger, D.; Köhn, A.; Miekley, B.; Linke, H.J.; Lohmann, A.; Motzko, C.; Seemann, A.
2017Model-based investigation of residual load smoothing through dynamic electricity purchase: The case of wastewater treatment plants in Germany
Seier, M.; Schebek, Liselotte
2017Organizational Environmental Footprint in German construction companies
Neppach, S.; Nunes, K.R.A.; Schebek, Liselotte
2017Recyclingpotenzial strategischer Metalle (ReStra)
Sander, Knut; Gößling-Reisemann, Stefan; Zimmermann, Till; Marscheider-Weidemann, Frank; Wilts, Henning; Schebek, Liselotte; Wagner, Jörg; Heegn, Hanspeter; Pehlken, Alexandra
2017Ressourceneffizienz durch Industrie 4.0
Schebek, Liselotte; Kannengießer, Jan; Campitelli, Alessio; Fischer, Julia; Abele, Eberhard; Bauerdick, Christoph; Anderl, Reiner; Haag, Sebastian; Sauer, Alexander; Mandel, Jörg; Lucke, Dominik; Bogdanov, Ivan; Nufer, Anne-Kathrin; Steinhilper, Rolf; Böhner, Johannes; Lothes, Gerald; Schock, Christoph; Zühlke, Detlef; Plociennik, Christiane; Bergweiler, Simon
: Schlegel, Andreas (Fachl. Bearb.); Kirmes, Stefan (Fachl. Bearb.); Oberender, Christof (Fachl. Bearb.); Vogt, Martin (Fachl. Bearb.)
2016Biodiversity and socio-economic implications of the use of abandoned Agriculture land for future biomass production in central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
Miyake, S.; Mizgajski, J.T.; Bargiel, D.; Wowra, K.; Schebek, Liselotte
2016Extraction of medium chain fatty acids from organic municipal waste and subsequent production of bio-based fuels
Kannengiesser, J.; Sakaguchi-Söder, K.; Mrukwia, T.; Jager, J.; Schebek, Liselotte
2016Investigation of the primary production routes of nickel and cobalt products used for Li-ion batteries
Schmidt, T.; Buchert, M.; Schebek, Liselotte