Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017What’s going on in energy efficiency research? A platform to enhance the transparency of energy research funding in Germany
Hirzel, Simon; Plötz, Patrick; Rohde, Clemens; Teufel, Benjamin; Krassowski, Joachim; Beier, Carsten; Rauscher, Thomas; Frick, Jürgen; Schreiner, Michael; Wagner, Hermann-Josef; Flamme, Stefan; Pöstges, Arne; Oppermann, Leif; Heiwolt, Karoline; Ruland, Rudolf; Sikorski, Lukas; Seier, Maximilian; Frietsch, Oliver; Koch, Thomas
2015EnArgus - ontology based search
Dembach, M.; Sikorski, L.; Ruland, R.
2014CONEX: Creating serendipitous connections among Living Labs and Horizon 2020 challenges
Pallot, A.M.; Holzmann, T.; Krawczyk, P.; Ruland, R.
2013Connective experience: Co-creating a semantic enabled serendipity service for living labs and Internet of Things
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2011Enhancing collaboration in communities of professionals using a Living Lab approach
Budweg, S.; Schaffers, H.; Ruland, R.; Kristensen, K.; Prinz, W.
2009CERA: A collaborative environment reference architecture for interoperable CWE systems
Peristeras, V.; Fradinho, M.; Lee, D.; Prinz, W.; Ruland, R.; Iqbal, K.; Decker, S.
2009Collaborative environments to support professional communities
Schaffers, H.; Budweg, S.; Ruland, R.; Kristensen, K.
2009Integration of humanoid robots in collaborative working environment: A case study on motion generation
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2009A living lab approach for enhancing collaboration in professional communities
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2009Supporting the change of cooperation patterns by integrated collaboration tools
Prinz, W.; Jeners, N.; Ruland, R.; Villa, M.
2007Kooperatives Arbeiten unter der Lupe
Seeling, C.; Prinz, W.; Ruland, R.; Becks, A.
2006Integrating shared workspace, Wiki and Blog technologies to support interpersonal knowledge connection
Pallot, M.; Ruland, R.; Traykov, S.; Kristensen, K.
2005Solving the problem of integrating a client-server architecture with a multi-agent system in the educational domain
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1996V-Modell-Browser im WWW
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1991Two years of experience with a micro-kernel based OS
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