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2021High Quality Integrated Inductor in Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging Technology for mm-Wave Applications
Murugesan, K.S.; Chernobryvko, M.; Zinal, S.; Rossi, M.; Ndip, I.; Boettcher, M.; Lang, K.D.; Wieland, M.; Goetze, C.; Halim, S.B.; Trewhella, J.
2021Influence of Ball Size and Geometry on the Reliability and RF Performance of mmWave System-in-Package: A Simulation Approach
Dilek, S.; Ndip, I.; Rossi, M.; Tschoban, C.; Kuttler, S.; Wittler, O.; Lang, K.-D.; Goetze, C.; Berger, D.; Wieland, M.; Schneider-Ramelow, M.
2021RF Modeling and Measurement of a Novel Aperture-Coupled Hybrid Glass-Silicon 5G Antenna Array
Le, T.H.; Rossi, M.; Ndip, I.; Kaiser, M.; Manier, C.-A.; Gernhardt, R.; Oppermann, H.; Lang, K.-D.; Reichl, H.
2020Dual-Band 5G Antenna Array in Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP) Technology
Le, T.H.; Kanitkar, A.; Rossi, M.; Ndip, I.; Braun, T.; Mueller, F.; Lang, K.D.; Wieland, M.; Goetze, C.; Halim, S.B.; Trewhella, J.
2020Fork-Coupled Resonators for Characterization of Mold Material for 5G Applications
Kanitkar, A.; Chernobryvko, M.; Rossi, M.; Ndip, I.; Braun, T.; Müller, F.; Lang, K.D.; Wieland, M.; Goetze, C.; Halim, S. bin; Trewhella, J.
2020A Novel Packaging and System-Integration Platform with Integrated Antennas for Scalable, Low-Cost and High-Performance 5G mmWave Systems
Ndip, I.; Andersson, K.; Kosmider, S.; Le, T.H.; Kanitkar, A.; Dijk, M. van; Senthil Murugesan, K.; Maaß, U.; Löher, T.; Rossi, M.; Jaeschke, J.; Ostmann, A.; Aschenbrenner, R.; Schneider-Ramelow, M.; Lang, K.-D.
2020Performance simulation of a 5G hybrid beamforming millimeter-wave system
Kühne, T.; Song, X.; Caire, G.; Rasilainen, K.; Le, T.H.; Rossi, M.; Ndip, I.; Fager, C.
2019Compact wideband wilkinson power divider in thin-film glass technology for 5G applications
Murugesan, K.S.; Voigt, T.; Tschoban, C.; Rossi, M.; Ndip, I.; Lang, K.-D.; Nädele, D.; Student, R.; Dengler, D.
2019Development of a glass technology based 79 GHz MIMO radar front-end module for autonomous driving
Tschoban, C.; Rossi, M.; Reyes, J.; Ndip, I.; Lang, K.-D.
2018Assembly-Line-Compatible Electromagnetic Characterization of Antenna Substrates for Wearable Applications using Polynomial Chaos
Deckmyn, T.; Rossi, M.; Agneessens, S.; Rogier, H.; Ginste, D.V.
2016Deliverable 2.1. First draft of social needs based research programme scenarios
Warnke, Philine; Meroni, Anna; Rossi, Martina; Selloni, Daniela; Ospina Medina, Ana M.; Fiedler, Penny
2007Chemie von Aerosolen
Hoffmann, T.; Zetzsch, C.; Rossi, M.J.
2000Halogens in the marine environment: Laboratory investigations of heterogeneous chemistry (HAMLET)
: Crowley, J.N.; Zetzsch, C.; Mirabel, P.; Sawerysyn, J.-P.; Rossi, M.; Gershenzon, Y.