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2018Electrochemical characterization of laser-carbonized polyacrylonitrile nanofiber nonwovens
Go, D.; Opitz, M.; Lott, P.; Rahimi, K.; Stollenwerk, J.; Thomas, H.; Möller, M.; Roling, B.; Kuehne, A.J.C.
2017On the interplay of morphology and electronic conductivity of rotationally spun carbon fiber mats
Opitz, M.; Go, D.; Lott, P.; Müller, S.; Stollenwerk, J.; Kuehne, A.; Roling, B.
2013Lithium chalcogenidotetrelates: LiChT-synthesis and characterization of new Li+ ion conducting Li/Sn/Se compounds
Kaib, T.; Bron, P.; Haddadpour, S.; Mayrhofer, L.; Pastewka, L.; Jarvi, T.T.; Moseler, M.; Roling, B.; Dehnen, S.
2003Ac conductivity and ion transport in K+-for-Na+ ion-exchanged glasses: Exchange experiments below and above the glass transition temperature
Dubiel, M.; Roling, B.; Füting, M.