Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Plant-Produced Subunit Vaccine Candidates against Yellow Fever Induce Virus Neutralizing Antibodies and Confer Protection against Viral Challenge in Animal Models
Tottey, S.; Shoji, Y.; Jones, R.M.; Chichester, J.A.; Green, B.J.; Musiychuk, K.; Si, H.; Manceva, S.D.; Rhee, A.; Shamloul, M.; Norikane, J.; Guimarães, R.C.; Caride, E.; Silva, A.N.M.R.; Simoes, M.; Neves, P.C.C.; Marchevsky, R.; Freire, M.S.; Streatfield, S.J.; Yusibov, V.
2013A plant-produced protective antigen vaccine confers protection in rabbits against a lethal aerosolized challenge with Bacillus anthracis Ames spores
Chichester, J.A.; Manceva, S.D.; Rhee, A.; Coffin, M.V.; Musiychuk, K.; Mett, V.; Shamloul, M.; Norikane, J.; Streatfield, S.J.; Yusibov, V.
2011Antibodies to plant-produced Plasmodium falciparum sexual stage protein Pfs25 exhibit transmission blocking activity
Farrance, C.E.; Chichester, J.A.; Musiychuk, K.; Shamloul, M.; Rhee, A.; Manceva, S.D.; Jones, R.M.; Mamedov, T.; Sharma, S.; Mett, V.; Streatfield, S.J.; Roeffen, W.; Vegte-Bolmer, M. van de; Sauerwein, R.W.; Wu, Y.M.; Muratova, O.; Miller, L.; Duffy, P.; Sinden, R.; Yusibov, V.
2011A plant-produced Pfs230 vaccine candidate blocks transmission of Plasmodium falciparum
Farrance, C.E.; Rhee, A.; Jones, R.M.; Musiychuk, K.; Shamloul, M.; Sharma, S.; Mett, V.; Chichester, J.A.; Streatfield, S.J.; Roeffen, W.; Vegte-Bolmer, M. van de; Sauerwein, R.W.; Tsuboi, T.; Muratova, O.V.; Wu, Y.; Yusibov, V.
2009Distinct roles for sequences upstream of and downstream from Physarum editing sites
Rhee, A.C.; Somerlot, B.H.; Parimi, N.; Gott, J.M.
2009Immunogenicity of hemagglutinin from A/Bar-headed Goose/Qinghai/1A/05 and A/Anhui/1/05 strains of H5N1 influenza viruses produced in Nicotiana benthamiana plants
Shoji, Y.; Farrance, C.E.; Bi, H.; Shamloul, M.; Green, B.; Manceva, S.; Rhee, A.; Ugulava, N.; Roy, G.; Musiychuk, K.; Chichester, J.A.; Mett, V.; Yusibov, V.
2009Plant-derived hemagglutinin protects ferrets against challenge infection with the A/Indonesia/05/05 strain of avian influenza
Shoji, Y.; Bi, H.; Musiychuk, K.; Rhee, A.; Horsey, A.; Roy, G.; Green, B.; Shamloul, M.; Farrance, C.E.; Taggart, B.; Mytle, N.; Ugulava, N.; Rabindran, S.; Mett, V.; Chichester, J.A.; Yusibov, V.