Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018AlN-based Electro-Acoustic Sensors for Analytics in Liquids
Reusch, Markus
: Ambacher, Oliver (Referent); Fiederle, Michael (Referent)
2018Elastic modulus and coefficient of thermal expansion of piezoelectric Al1-xScxN (up to x = 0.41) thin films
Lu, Yuan; Reusch, Markus; Kurz, Nicolas; Ding, Anli; Christoph, Tim; Prescher, Mario; Kirste, Lutz; Ambacher, Oliver; Zukauskaite, Agne
2018Investigation of temperature characteristics and substrate influence on AlScN-based SAW resonators
Ding, Anli; Reusch, Markus; Lu, Yuan; Kurz, Nicolas; Lozar, Roger; Christoph, Tim; Driad, Rachid; Ambacher, Oliver; Zukauskaite, Agne
2018Piezoelectric characterization of Sc0.26Al0.74N layers on Si (001) substrates
Sinusía Lozano, M.; Pérez-Campos, A.; Reusch, Markus; Kirste, Lutz; Fuchs, Theo; Zukauskaite, Agne; Chen, Z.; Iriarte, G.F.
2018Surface morphology and microstructure of pulsed DC magnetron sputtered piezoelectric AlN and AlScN thin films
Lu, Yuan; Reusch, Markus; Kurz, Nicolas; Ding, Anli; Christoph, Tim; Kirste, Lutz; Lebedev, Vadim; Zukauskaite, Agne
2018Temperature cross-sensitivity of AlN-based flexural plate wave sensors
Reusch, Markus; Holc, Katarzyna; Lebedev, Vadim; Kurz, Nicolas; Zukauskaite, Agne; Ambacher, Oliver
2018Temperature dependence of the pyroelectric coefficient of AlScN thin films
Kurz, Nicolas; Lu, Yuan; Kirste, Lutz; Reusch, Markus; Zukauskaite, Agne; Lebedev, Vadim; Ambacher, Oliver
2017Flexural plate wave sensors with buried IDT for sensing in liquids
Reusch, Markus; Holc, Katarzyna; Zukauskaite, Agne; Lebedev, Vadim; Kurz, Nicolas; Ambacher, Oliver
2017Microstructure and mechanical properties of stress-tailored piezoelectric AlN thin films for electro-acoustic devices
Reusch, Markus; Cherneva, Sabina; Lu, Yuan; Zukauskaite, A.; Kirste, L.; Holc, K.; Datcheva, M.; Stoychev, D.; Lebedev, V.; Ambacher, O.
2017Nanodiamond resonators fabricated on 8'' Si substrates using adhesive wafer bonding
Lebedev, Vadim; Lisec, Thomas; Yoshikawa, Taro; Reusch, Markus; Iankov, Dimitre; Giese, Christian; Zukauskaite, Agne; Cimalla, Volker; Ambacher, Oliver
2016Electrostatic self-assembly of diamond nanoparticles onto Al- and N-Polar sputtered aluminum nitride surfaces
Yoshikawa, Taro; Reusch, Markus; Zürbig, Verena; Cimalla, Volker; Lee, K.-H.; Kurzyp, M.; Arnault, J.-C.; Nebel, Christoph E.; Ambacher, Oliver; Lebedev, Vadim