Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2014A continuous-exchange cell-free protein synthesis system based on extracts from cultured insect cells
Stech, M.; Quast, R.B.; Sachse, R.; Schulze, C.; Wüstenhagen, D.A.; Kubick, S.
2014Membrane assembly of the functional KcsA potassium channel in a vesicle-based eukaryotic cell-free translation system
Dondapati, S.K.; Kreir, M.; Quast, R.B.; Wüstenhagen, D.A.; Brüggemann, A.; Fertig, N.; Kubick, S.
2014Synthesis and site-directed fluorescence labeling of azido proteins using eukaryotic cell-free orthogonal translation systems
Quast, R.B.; Claussnitzer, I.; Merk, H.; Kubick, S.; Gerrits, M.
2013Cell-free systems: Functional modules for synthetic and chemical biology
Stech, M.; Brödel, A.K.; Quast, R.B.; Sachse, R.; Kubick, S.
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