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2014Multiple-injection method in high-temperature two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D HT-LC)
Mekap, D.; Macko, T.; Brüll, R.; Cong, R.; Groot, W. de; Parrott, A.; Yau, W.
2014Studying the interactions of polyethylene with graphite in the presence of solvent by high temperature thermal gradient interactive chromatography, thermal gradient nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and solution differential scanning calorimetry
Mekap, D.; Malz, F.; Brull, R.; Zhou, Z.; Cong, R.; Groo, A.W. de; Parrott, A.R.
2013Liquid chromatography at critical conditions of polyethylene
Mekap, D.; Macko, T.; Brüll, Robert; Cong, R.; Parrott, A.; Groot, A.W. de; Cools, P.J.C.H.; Yau, W.
2013One-step method for separation and identification of n-alkanes/oligomers in HDPE using high-temperature high-performance liquid chromatography
Mekap, D.; Macko, Tibor; Brüll, Robert; Cong, R.; Groot, A.W. de; Parrott, A.; Yau, W.