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2019Ar+ ions irradiation induced memristive behavior and neuromorphic computing in monolithic LiNbO3 thin films
Pan, X.; Shuai, Y.; Wu, C.; Zhang, L.; Guo, H.; Cheng, H.; Peng, Y.; Qiao, S.; Luo, W.; Wang, T.; Sun, X.; Zeng, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, W.; Ou, X.; Du, N.; Schmidt, H.
2019Compliance-current-modulated resistive switching with multi-level resistance states in single-crystalline LiNbO3 thin film
Pan, X.; Shuai, Y.; Wu, C.; Luo, W.; Sun, X.; Zeng, H.; Guo, H.; Yuan, Y.; Zhou, S.; Böttger, R.; Cheng, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, W.; Schmidt, H.
2015Virtuelle Entwurfsplattform für Batteriemanagementsysteme
Janz, Thomas; Ou, Jiong; Brugger, Werner; Pan, Xiao; Verhaag, Benno; Hohenhövel, André; Markwirth, Thomas; Uhle, Thomas; Gulbins, Matthias; Dietrich, Manfred; Haase, Joachim
2013A repository infrastructure for working with 3D assets in cultural heritage
Pan, Xueming; Schröttner, Martin; Havemann, Sven; Schiffer, Thomas; Berndt, Rene; Hecher, Martin; Fellner, Dieter W.
2012An enhanced distributed repository for working with 3D assets in cultural heritage
Pan, Xueming; Schiffer, Thomas; Schröttner, Martin; Berndt, Rene; Hecher, Martin; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
2012A scalable repository infrastructure for CH digital object management
Pan, Xueming; Schiffer, Thomas; Schröttner, Martin; Havemann, Sven; Hecher, Martin; Berndt, Rene; Fellner, Dieter W.
2011Practical 3D reconstruction of cultural heritage artefacts from photographs - potentials and issues
Fellner, Dieter W.; Havemann, Sven; Beckmann, Philipp; Pan, Xueming
2010A distributed object repository for cultural heritage
Pan, Xueming; Beckmann, Philipp; Havemann, Sven; Tzompanaki, Katerina; Doerr, Martin; Fellner, Dieter W.
2005Compatibility of hydrogen transfer via Pd-membranes with the rates of heterogeneously catalysed steam reforming
Kleinert, A.; Grubert, G.; Pan, X.; Hamel, C.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Caro, J.
2005Low-temperature H-2 and N-2 transport through thin Pd66Cu34Hx layers
Pan, X.L.; Kilgus, M.; Goldbach, A.
2005Low-temperature H2 and N2 transport through thin Pd(66)Cu(34)H(x) layers
Pan, X.; Kilgus, M.; Goldbach, A.
2003Deposition of sol-gel derived membranes on alpha-Al2O3 hollow fibers by a vacuum-assisted dip-coating process
Pan, X.L.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.; Xiong, G.X.; Sheng, S.S.
2003Metallische Loesungs-Diffusions-Membran sowie Verfahren zur Herstellung
Pan, X.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.
2003Palladium members for hydrogen separation
Stroh, N.; Schiestel, T.; Pan, X.
2003Pd/ceramic hollow fibers for H2 separation
Pan, X.L.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.; Xiong, G.-X.; Sheng, S.S.
2002Beschichtbarkeit keramischer Hohlfaserträger
Herterich, U.; Pan, X.; Stroh, N.
2001Investigation of composite metal/ceramic hollow fiber membranes
Pan, X.
2001Mesoporous spinel MgAl2O4 prepared by in situ modification of boehmite sol particle surface: I synthesis and characterization of the unsupported membranes
Pan, X.L.; Sheng, S.S.; Xiong, G.-X.; Fang, K.-M.; Tudyka, S.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.
2001Thin dense PD membranes supported on alpha-Al2O3 hollow fibers
Pan, X.L.; Xiong, G.X.; Sheng, S.S.; Stroh, N.; Brunner, H.