Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Automated and continuous production of microstructured metallic plates via cold embossing
Wiborg, Jens Ole; O'Connell, Martin; Thiele, Richard; Wichert, Martin; Kolb, Gunther
2014Effect of oxygen addition on the water–gas shift reaction over Pt/CeO2 catalysts in microchannels
Neuberg, Stefan; Keller, Steffen; O'Connell, Martin; Schürer, Jochen; Thiele, Richard; Zapf, Ralf; Ziogas, Athanassios; Kolb, Gunther
2014Energy systems for a greener future
Kolb, Gunther; O'Connell, Martin; Kiesewalter, Stefan
2014Intensified catalytic reactor design for the conversion of volatile fatty acids produced by sewage treatment plant
Jayamurthy, M.; O'Connell, Martin; Zapf, Ralf; Kolb, Gunther; Komodromos, C.; Bhattacharya, A.
2014Synthesis gas production from methane and propane in a miniaturized GlidArc® reformer
Spasova, Berta; Tiemann, David; O'Connell, Martin; Ziogas, Athanassios; Kolb, Gunther; Hessel, Volker
2013Application of rhodium nanoparticles for steam reforming of propane in microchannels
Zapf, Ralf; Thiele, Richard; Wichert, Martin; O'Connell, Martin; Ziogas, Athanassios; Kolb, Gunther
2013Early market implementation of LPG based auxiliary power units for application in recreational vehicles
O'Connell, Martin; Wichert, Martin; Pennemann, Helmut; Kolb, Gunther; Butschek, Sven; Frank, Reinhard; Schiegel, Andreas
2013Microchannel fuel processors as a hydrogen source for fuel cells in distributed energy supply systems
Kolb, Gunther; Keller, Steffen; O'Connell, Martin; Pecov, Sascha; Schürer, Jochen; Spasova, Berta; Tiemann, David; Ziogas, Athanassios