Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Response to emergency situations in a traffic management system
Othmane, Lotfi ben; Cerqueus, Thomas; Thiery, Adrien; Salehie, Mazeiar; Noel, Nicolas; Labaere, Anthony; Domingues, Remi; Cordier, Arnaud; Ventresque, Anthony; Pasquale, Liliana; Perry, Philip; Nuseibeh, Bashar
2013Resolving Vulnerability Identification Errors using Security Requirements on Business Process Models
Taubenberger, S.; Jürjens, J.; Yu, Y.; Nuseibeh, B.
2011Problem analysis of traditional IT-security risk assessment methods - an experience report from the insurance and auditing domain
Taubenberger, S.; Jürjens, J.; Yu, Y.; Nuseibeh, B.
2011Security patterns: Comparing modeling approaches
Nhlabatsi, A.; Bandara, A.; Hayashi, S.; Haley, C.B.; Jürjens, J.; Kaiya, H.; Kubo, A.; Laney, R.; Mouratidis, H.; Nuseibeh, B.; Tahara, Y.; Tun, T.T.; Washizaki, H.; Yoshioka, N.; Yu, Y.
Aufsatz in Buch
2011Software engineering for secure systems. Pt.2: From design to implementation via model-based security engineering
Jürjens, Jan; Nuseibeh, Bashar
2005Editorial: Relating software requirements and architectures
Hall, J.G.; Mistrík, I.; Nuseibeh, B.; Silva, A.