Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Attacking dynamic power system control centers - a cyber-physical threat analysis
Kummerow, André; Rüsch, Dennis; Nicolai, Steffen; Brosinsky, Christoph; Westermann, Dirk; Naumann, Andre
2021Optimal positioning methods of integral deformation sensors - Expert knowledge versus mathematical optimization
Brecher, C.; Herzog, R.; Naumann, A.; Spierling, R.; Tzanetos, F.
2021The role of digital twins in power system automation and control: Necessity, requirements, and benefits
Brosinsky, Christoph; Kummerow, André; Richter, Marc; Naumann, Andre; Nicolai, Steffen; Wiest, Pascal; Westermann, Dirk
2021A Vision for Energy Decarbonization: Planning Sustainable Tertiary Sites as Net-Zero Energy Systems
Richter, M.; Lombardi, P.; Arendarski, B.; Naumann, A.; Hoepfner, A.; Komarnicki, P.; Pantaleo, A.
2020Bereit für die Digitalisierung der Energiewende: Praxistests zur Anbindung intelligenter Messsysteme bei der 50Hertz
Richter, M.; Naumann, A.; Schülke, R.; Rottmann, R.; Raak, T.
2020Digital-Twin based Services for advanced Monitoring and Control of future power systems
Kummerow, André; Nicolai, Steffen; Brosinsky, Christoph; Westermann, Dirk; Naumann, Andre; Richter, Marc
2020Integrated Load and Infeed Forecast for the entire Value Chain in the Electric Energy Market
Schröter, T.; Richter, A.; Wolter, M.; Gronau, J.; Naumann, A.
2020Parallel computing in automation of decoupled fluid-thermostructural simulation approach
Glänzel, Janine; Naumann, Andreas; Kumar, Tharun Suresh
2020Substation Related Forecasts of Electrical Energy Storage Systems: Transmission System Operator Requirements
Schröter, T.; Richter, A.; Götze, J.; Naumann, A.; Gronau, J.; Wolter, M.
2019Data Centers as Active Multi-Energy Systems for Power Grid Decarbonization: A Technical and Economic Analysis
Lombardi, Pio; Moreddy, Kranthi Ranadheer; Naumann, André; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw; Rodio, Carmine; Bruno, Sergio
2019Digital Substation
Naumann, André; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw
2019Das Leitsystem von Dr. Allwissend. So funktioniert sektorübergreifende Energiesystemführung
Naumann, André; Richter, Marc
2019Parallel Computing in Automation of Decoupled flow and thermal-structural Simulation Approach
Glänzel, Janine; Naumann, Andreas; Kumar, Tharun Suresh
2019Substation Digital Twin. Leveraging IEC 61850 and machine learning to achieve advanced monitoring and simulation of substation systems
Naumann, André
2018Communication for battery energy storage systems compliant with IEC 61850
Hänsch, K.; Naumann, A.; Wenge, C.; Wolf, M.
2018Communication Infrastructure for Dynamic Grid Control Center with a Hardware-in-the-Loop Model
Glende, E.; Trojan, P.; Hauer, I.; Naumann, A.; Brosinsky, C.; Wolter, M.; Westermann, D.
2018Distributed Ancillary Services in Smart Distribution Grids: Demand, Requirements and Benefits
Richter, Marc; Trojan, Przemyslaw; Naumann, André; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw
2018Umsetzung eines Echtzeitüberwachungs- und -steuerungssystems im 110-kV-Verteilungsnetz
Trojan, Przemyslaw; Richter, Marc; Hauer, Ines; Wolter, Martin; Naumann, André; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw
2017Einführung in Expertensysteme
Styczynski, Zbigniew A.; Rudion, Krzysztof; Naumann, Andre
2017A new development platform for the next generation of power system control center functionalities for hybrid AC-HVDC transmission systems
Brosinsky, Christoph; Kummerow, Andre; Naumann, Andre; Krönig, Arnd; Balischewski, Stefan; Westermann, Dirk
2017Trench filling with a-Si using a PE-CVD process and back etch sequence
Elsäßer, Linus; Naumann, A.
2016Dynamic Voltage Regulation supported by Renewable Energy Sources
Trojan, Przemyslaw; Pelzer, Alexander; Naumann, Andre; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw
Aufsatz in Buch
2016Practical experiences on PMU-based linear state estimation in distribution grids
Richter, Marc; Wolter, M.; Naumann, Andre; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw; Trojan, Przemyslaw
2015Dynamic distribution grid management through the coordination of decentralized power units
Bielchev, I.; Richter, M.; Banka, M.; Trojan, P.; Styczynski, Z.A.; Naumann, A.; Komarnicki, P.
2015Fluorine interface treatments within the gate stack for defect passivation in 28 nm high-k metal gate technology
Drescher, M.; Naumann, A.; Sundqvist, J.; Erben, E.; Grass, C.; Trentzsch, M.; Lazarevic, F.; Leitsmann, R.; Plaenitz, P.
2015Profiling IEC 61850. Explained on a practical example of ENTSO-E
Brunner, Christoph; Huon, Gregory; Naumann, André
2015Secure operation of large offshore windfarms by increase of observability and intelligent control
Wenge, C.; Naumann, A.; Komarnicki, P.
2014Die (Mess-)Fühler eng am Stromnetz
Komarnicki, Przemyslaw; Naumann, André
2014Entwicklung von Hafniumoxid ALD-Prozessen mit alternativen Oxidationsmitteln
Paulack, Stephan
: Naumann, Andreas (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2014Gene silencing of chordin improves BMP-2 effects on osteogenic differentiation of human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells
Schneider, Hellen; Sedaghati, Bita; Naumann, Andreas; Hacker, Michael C.; Schulz-Siegmund, Michaela
2014Gyrasen - biologische Werkzeuge zur Isolation bakterieller Nukleinsäuren
Sandetskaya, N.; Hennig, K.; Naumann, A.; Kuhlmeier, D.
2014Influence of nitrogen trap states on the electronic properties of high-k metal gate transistors
Ocker, J.; Kupke, S.; Slesazeck, S.; Mikolajick, T.; Erben, E.; Drescher, M.; Naumann, A.; Lazarevic, F.; Leitsmann, R.
2014Methode zur spezifischen Isolation von Nukleinsäuren
Kuhlmeier, Dirk; Sandetskaya, Natalia; Naumann, Andreas; Hennig, Katharina
2014Role of the dielectric for the charging dynamics of the dielectric/barrier interface in AlGaN/GaN based metal-insulator-semiconductor structures under forward gate bias stress
Lagger, Peter; Steinschifter, P.; Reiner, M.; Stadtmüller, M.; Denifl, G.; Naumann, Andreas; Müller, Johannes; Wilde, Lutz; Sundqvist, Jonas; Pogany, D.
2014Smart grid automation using IEC 61850 and CIM standards
Naumann, A.; Bielchev, I.; Voropai, N.; Styczynski, Z.
2014Specific enrichment of prokaryotic DNA using a recombinant DNA-binding protein
Sandetskaya, Natalia; Naumann, Andreas; Hennig, Katharina; Kuhlmeier, Dirk
2014Wide area synchronized HVDC measurement using IEC 61850 communication
Wenge, Christoph; Pelzer, Alexander; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw; Naumann, André; Rabe, Steffen; Richter, Marc
2013Artifizielle DNA - bindende Proteine
Naumann, Andreas
: Kuhlmeier, Dirk; Birkenmeier, Gerd
2013Concept and potential of electric vehicle fleet management for ancillary service provision
Stötzer, M.; Styczynski, Z.A.; Hänsch, K.; Naumann, A.; Komarnicki, P.
2013Concept, architecture and components of a smart distribution control center
Hauer, I.; Röhrig, C.; Rudion, K.; Styczynski, Z.A.; Naumann, A.; Komarnicki, P.
2012Electric vehicle simulation models for power system applications
Wenge, C.; Arendarski, B.; Haensch, K.; Naumann, A.; Komarnicki, P.
2011Elektromobilitätssystem Harz/Magdeburg - Komponenten und Schnittstellen
Hänsch, K.; Naumann, A.; Stötzer, M.; Komarnicki, P.; Kutzler, T.; Schenk, M.; Müller, G.; Seidel, H.
2011Impact of nitrogen post deposition annealing on hafnium zirconate dielectrics for 32 nm high-performance SOI CMOS technologies
Kelwing, T.; Naumann, A.; Trentzsch, M.; Graetsch, F.; Bayha, B.; Herrmann, L.; Trui, B.; Rudolph, D.; Lipp, D.; Krause, G.; Carter, R.; Stephan, R.; Kücher, P.; Hansch, W.
2011SiGe epitaxy on a 300 mm batch furnace
Naumann, A.; Sundqvist, J.; Ogiewa, M.; Boitier, L.; Czernohorsky, M.; Sienz, S.; Probst, G.; Jongbloed, B.; Beulens, S.; Maes, J.W.; Thomas, S.
2010alpha 2-Macroglobulin Inhibits the Malignant Properties of Astrocytoma Cells by Impeding beta-Catenin Signaling
Lindner, I.; Hemdan, N.Y.A.; Buchold, M.; Huse, K.; Bigl, M.; Oerlecke, I.; Ricken, A.; Gaunitz, F.; Sack, U.; Naumann, A.; Hollborn, M.; Thal, D.; Gebhardt, R.; Birkenmeier, G.
2010Characterization of anomalous erase effects in 48 nm TANOS memory cells
Loehr, D.-A.; Hoffmann, R.; Naumann, A.; Paul, J.; Seidel, K.; Czernohorsky, M.; Beyer, V.
2010Comparison of MOCVD- and ALD-deposited $ hbox {HfZrO} {4} gate dielectrics for 32-nm high-performance logic SOI CMOS technologies
Kelwing, T.; Naumann, A.; Trentzsch, M.; Trui, B.; Herrmann, L.; Mutas, S.; Graetsch, F.; Carter, R.; Stephan, R.; Kücher, P.; Hansch, W.
2010Detailed simulation study of embedded SiGe and Si:C source/drain stressors in nanoscaled silicon on insulator metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
Flachowsky, S.; Illgen, R.; Herrmann, T.; Klix, W.; Stenzel, R.; Ostermay, I.; Naumann, A.; Wei, A.; Hontschel, J.; Horstmann, M.
2010Experience with PMUs in industrial distribution networks
Naumann, A.; Komarnicki, P.; Powalko, M.; Styczynski, Z.A.; Blumschein, J.; Kereit, M.
2010Impact of the storage layer charging on random telegraph noise behavior of sub-50nm charge-trap-based TANOS and floating-gate memory cells
Seidel, K.; Hoffman, R.; Naumann, A.; Paul, J.; Löhr, D.-A.; Czernohorsky, M.; Beyer, V.
2010Physical and electrical properties of MOCVD and ALD deposited HfZrO4 gate dielectrics for 32nm CMOS high performance logic SOI technologies
Kelwing, T.; Mutas, S.; Trentzsch, M.; Naumann, A.; Trui, B.; Herrmann, L.; Graetsch, F.; Klein, C.; Wilde, L.; Ohsiek, S.; Weisheit, M.; Peeva, A.; Richter, I.; Prinz, H.; Wuerfel, A.; Carter, R.; Stephan, R.; Kücher, P.; Hansch, W.
2010SiGe channels for higher mobility CMOS devices
Naumann, A.; Kelwing, T.; Trentzsch, M.; Kronholz, S.; Kammler, T.; Flachowsky, S.; Herrmann, T.; Kücher, P.; Bartha, J.W.
2009Investigating CAPTCHAs based on visual phenomena
Naumann, A.B.; Franke, T.; Bauckhage, C.
2009Investigations on the relaxation behavior of metastable tensile strained Si:C alloys
Ostermay, I.; Naumann, A.; Ulomek, F.; Kammler, T.; Mohles, V.
2009On intuitive use, physicality and tangible user interfaces
Israel, J.H.; Hurtienne, J.; Pohlmeyer, A.E.; Mohs, C.; Kindsmuller, M.C.; Naumann, A.
2008Design for intuitive use: Beyond usability
Israel, J.H.; Naumann, A.B.; Pohlmeyer, A.E.; Husslein, S.; Kindsmüller, M.C.; Mohs, C.
2008Interaction with information and communication technology
Naumann, A.; Henke, K.; Hermann, F.; Peissner, M.
2008Interaktion mit Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie
Naumann, A.; Hermann, F.; Peissner, M.; Henke, K.
2008Investigation of the relaxation behavior of Si1-xCx alloys during epitaxial UHV-CVD growth
Ostermay, I.; Kammler, T.; Naumann, A.; Bartha, J.W.; Kücher, P.
2008Novel enhanced stressors with graded encapsulated SiGe embedded in the source and drain areas
Naumann, A.; Kronholz, S.; Mowry, A.; Ostermay, I.; Bierstedt, H.; Trui, B.; Dittmar, K.; Kücher, P.; Bartha, J.W.; Kammler, T.
2007Human-Machine Interaction in Virtual Environments - Recent Developments and Industrial Applications
Israel, J.H.; Naumann, A.
2007Interindividuelle Unterschiede in der Interaktion mit Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie
Naumann, A.; Hermann, F.; Niedermann, I.; Peissner, M.; Henke, K.
2007Users interact differently
Hermann, F.; Niedermann, I.; Peissner, M.; Henke, K.; Naumann, A.