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2005Identifying unknown nanocrystals by fringe fingerprinting in two dimensions and free-access crystallographic databases
Moeck, P.; Seipel, B.; Groebner, R.; Noice, L.; Upreti, G.; Certik, O.; Fraundorf, P.; Erni, R.; Browning, N.D.; Kiesow, A.; Jolivet, J.-P.
2000Residual strain in annealed GaAs single crystal wafers measured by scanning infrared polariscopy and x-ray diffraction and topography
Herms, M.; Fukuzawa, M.; Melov, V.G.; Schreiber, J.; Möck, P.; Yamada, M.
1999Dislocation Bundles in GaAs Substrates: Assessed by X-Ray and Makyoh Topography, X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Infrared Polariscopy, Light Interferometry and Nomarski Microscopy
Möck, P.; Fukuzawa, M.; Laczik, Z.; Smith, G.W.; Brooker, G.; Yamada, M.; Herms, M.