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2004E- and N-cadherin differ with respect to their associated p120ctn isoforms and their ability to suppress invasive growth in pancreatic cancer cells
Seidel, B.; Bräg, S.; Adler, G.; Wedlich, D.; Menke, A.
2003Increase of inactive intra-alveolar surfactant subtypes in lungs of asthmatic Brown Norway rats
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2002P120ctn supports E-cadherin-mediated reversion of the invasive phenotype of pancreatic carcinoma cells
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2001Down-regulation of E-cadherin gene expression by collagen type I and type III in pancreatic cancer cell lines
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2000TGFbeta1 represses proliferation of pancreatic carcinoma cells which correlates with Smad4-independent inhibition of ERK activation
Giehl, K.; Seidel, B.; Gierschik, P.; Adler, G.; Menke, A.