Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Control of magneto-optical properties of cobalt-layers by adsorption of α-helical polyalanine self-assembled monolayers
Sharma, A.; Matthes, P.; Soldatov, I.; Arekapudi, S.S.P.K.; Böhm, B.; Lindner, M.; Selyshchev, O.; Thi Ngoc Ha, N.; Mehring, M.; Tegenkamp, C.; Schulz, S.E.; Zahn, D.R.T.; Paltiel, Y.; Hellwig, O.; Salvan, G.
2019Synthesis of Mg and Zn diolates and their use in metal oxide deposition
Frenzel, P.; Preuß, A.; Bankwitz, J.; Georgi, C.; Ganss, F.; Mertens, L.; Schulz, S.E.; Hellwig, O.; Mehring, M.; Lang, H.
2018β-Ketoiminato-based copper(II) complexes as CVD precursors for copper and copper oxide layer formation
Pousaneh, E.; Korb, M.; Dzhagan, V.; Weber, M.; Noll, J.; Mehring, M.; Zahn, D.R.T.; Schulz, S.E.; Lang, H.
2018Magnesium β-ketoiminates as CVD precursors for MgO formation
Pousaneh, E.; Rüffer, T.; Assim, K.; Dzhagan, V.; Noll, J.; Zahn, D.R.T.; Mertens, L.; Mehring, M.; Schulz, S.E.; Lang, H.
2014Flash lamp annealing of spray coated films containing oxidized or hydrogen terminated silicon nanoparticles
Seidel, F.; Toader, I.G.; Koth, S.; Fritzsche, R.; Schäfer, P.; Bülz, D.; Büchter, B.; Gordan, O.D; Freitag, H.; Jakob, A.; Buschbeck, R.; Hietschold, M.; Lang, H.; Mehring, M.; Baumann, R.R.; Zahn, D.R.T.
2011Functional mesoporous aluminosilicate nanoparticles as host material to fabricate photo-switchable polymer films
Kahle, I.; Tröber, O.; Trentsch, S.; Richter, H.; Grünler, B.; Hemeltjen, S.; Schlesinger, M.; Mehring, M.; Spange, S.
1981Multiexponential spin-lattice relaxation of 125Te in tellurium due to ultraslow atomic motion
Kanert, O.; Mehring, M.; Wolf, D.; Guenther, B.