Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Automated quantitative analysis of void morphology evolution in Ag-Ag direct bondig interface after accelerated aging
Yu, Zechun; Xu, Tian; Letz, Sebastian; Bayer, Christoph Friedrich; Schletz, Andreas; März, Martin
2020Combined experimental and numerical approach for investigating the mechanical degradation of the interface between thin film metallization and Si-substrate after temperature cycling test
Zhao, Dawei; Letz, Sebastian; Yu, Zechun; Schletz, Andreas; März, Martin
2020Effect of short-circuit degradation on the remaining useful lifetime of SiC MOSFETs and its failure analysis
Du, He; Letz, Sebastian; Baker, Nick; Götz, Thomas; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Schletz, Andreas
2020A Method for the Characterization of Adhesion Strength Degradation of Thin Films on Si-Substrate under Thermal Cycling Test
Zhao, Dawei; Letz, Sebastian; Schletz, Andreas; März, Martin
2018Modeling the rate-dependent inelastic deformation of porous polycrystalline silver films
Letz, Sebastian; Farooghian, Azin; Simon, Flaviu-Bogdan; Schletz, Andreas
2018Selective silver sintering of semiconductor dies on PCB
Dresel, Fabian; Letz, Sebastian; Zischler, Sigrid; Schletz, Andreas; Novak, Michael
2018Vias in DBC substrates for embedded power modules
Bach, Hoang Linh; Yu, Zechun; Letz, Sebastian; Bayer, Christoph Friedrich; Waltrich, Uwe; Schletz, Andreas; März, Martin
2016Mechanical properties of silver sintered bond lines
Letz, Sebastian; Hutzler, Aaron; Schletz, Andreas; Waltrich, Uwe