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2019Measurements on the fly: Introducing mobile micro-sensors for biotechnological applications
Lauterbach, T.; Lüke, T.; Büker, M.-J.; Hedayat, C.; Gernandt, T.; Moll, R.; Grösel, M.; Lenk, S.; Seidel, F.; Brunner, D.; Bley, T.; Walther, T.; Lenk, F.
2018Impedance-controlled design and connection technology for micromounting and hybrid integration of high-frequency and mixed-signal systems with MID technology
Geneiß, V.; Lüke, T.; Hedayat, C.; Wolf, M.; Janek, F.; Meißner, T.; Barth, M.; Eberhardt, W.; Zimmermann, A.; Otto, T.
2018Investigation on the influence of injection molding parameters on high frequency permittivity up to 3 GHz on MID thermoplastics and reliability of permittivity during environmental testing
Wolf, M.; Janek, F.; Meissner, T.; Wigger, B.; Barth, M.; Guenter, T.; Eberhardt, W.; Zimmermann, A.; Geneiss, V.; Lueke, T.; Hedayat, C.; Otto, T.
2017Sens-o-Spheres - A concept for location independent acquisition of process measurement signals
Lüke, T.; Büker, M.-J.; Hedayat, C.; Lenk, F.; Lauterbach, T.; Gernandt, T.; Moll, R.; Buchner, P.