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2018Evaluation of the influence of different clamping chuck types on energy consumption, tool wear and surface qualities in milling operations
Thorenz, Benjamin; Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Kafara, Markus; Nützel, Melanie; Steinhilper, Rolf
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2018Influence of Binder Quantity on Dimensional Accuracy and Resilience in 3D-Printing
Kafara, Markus; Kemnitzer, Jan-Felix; Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Steinhilper, Rolf
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
2017Comparative life cycle assessment of conventional and additive manufacturing in mold core making for CFRP production
Kafara, Markus; Süchting, Martin; Kemnitzer, Jan-Felix; Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Steinhilper, Rolf
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2016Development of a reference part for the evaluation of economic and ecological impact of future process chains in mold core making
Kafara, Markus; Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Eisinger, Eva; Steinhilper, Rolf
2015Application of additive manufacturing to manufacture removable mold-cores for the CFRP production of complex geometries
Kafara, Markus; Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Kruse, Andreas; Steinhilper, Rolf
2015Development of a reference part for the evaluation of energy efficiency in milling operations
Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Kafara, Markus; Steinhilper, Rolf
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2015Management Summary Technologie - Roadmap Oberfranken
Steinhilper, Rolf; Freiberger, Stefan; Süchting, Martin; Kafara, Markus; Müller, Robert
2013Technologie-Roadmap Oberfranken
: Freiberger, Stefan (Mitarb.); Süchting, Martin (Mitarb.); Kafara, Markus (Mitarb.); Müller, Robert (Mitarb.)