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2019Device for administering a humidified aerosol to a patient interface
Iwatschenko, Peter; Pankalla, Jelena; Pohlmann, Gerhard
2017Pre-triggered dry and liquid aerosol release inside the patient interface of preterm neonates
Wiegandt, F.C.; Koch, E.; Iwatschenko, P.; Dietzel, A.; Pohlmann, G.
2013A novel continuous powder aerosolizer (CPA) for inhalative administration of highly concentrated recombinant surfactant protein-C (rSP-C) surfactant to preterm neonates
Pohlmann, Gerhard; Iwatschenko, P.; Koch, Wolfgang; Windt, Horst; Rast, M.; Gama de Abreu, M.; Taut, F.J.H.; Muynck, C. de
2013Performance testing of a novel Continuous Powder Aerosolizer (CPA) for inhalative administration of surfactant to preterm neonates
Helwich, O.; Koch, W.; Iwatschenko, P.; Windt, H.; Taut, F.J.H.; Muynck, C. de; Pohlmann, G.
2012The non-intubated, spontaneously breathing, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) ventilated pre-term lamb: A unique animal model
Rahmel, D.K.; Pohlmann, G.; Iwatschenko, P.; Volland, J.; Liebisch, S.; Kock, H.; Mecklenburg, L.; Maurer, C.; Kemkowski, J.; Taut, F.J.H.