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2016Correction: Dye adsorption mechanisms in TiO2 films, and their effects on the photodynamic and photovoltaic properties in dye-sensitized solar cells
Hwang, K.-J.; Shim, W.-G.; Kim, D.; An, J.; Im, C.; Kim, Y.; Kim, G.; Choi, C.; Kang, S.O.; Cho, D.W.
2016Correction: Light-penetration and light-scattering effects in dye-sensitised solar cells
Hwang, K.-J.; Kim, D.; Park, J.-Y.; An, J.; Jin, S.; Kang, S.O.; Cho, D.W.; Im, C.
2016Corrigendum to "Statistical TiO2/dye-mass dependence and dye-regeneration efficiency on dye-sensitized solar cells" [Nano Energy 16 (2015) 383-388]
Hwang, K.-J.; Jeong, Y.; An, J.; Kim, D.; Im, C.; Choi, C.; Kim, Y.J.; Kim, G.; Choi, Y.-K.; Jin, S.; Park, D.-W.
2016Erratum: "Determination of effective optical gap in dye/TiO2 systems inspired by p-n junctions" [Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 143502 (2015)]
Hwang, K.-J.; An, J.; Kim, D.; Im, C.; Jeong, Y.; Park, D.-W.
2012Enhanced photovoltaic properties of TiO 2 film prepared by polycondensation in sol reaction
Hwang, K.-J.; Im, C.; Cho, D.W.; Yoo, S.-J.; Lee, J.-W.; Shim, W.-G.