Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Combining thermodynamic modeling and 3D printing of elemental powder blends for high-throughput investigation of high-entropy alloys - towards rapid alloy screening and design
Haase, C.; Tang, F.; Wilms, M.B.; Weisheit, A.; Hallstedt, B.
2016Experimental determination of the thermodynamic properties of the Laves phases in the Cr-Fe-Nb system
Syutkin, E.A.; Jacob, Aurélie; Schmetterer, Clemens; Khvan, Alexandra V.; Hallstedt, Bengt; Dinsdale, Alan T.
2015The Cr-Fe-Nb ternary system: Experimental isothermal sections at 700 degrees C, 1050 degrees C and 1350 degrees C
Jacob, A.; Schmetterer, C.; Grüner, D.; Wessel, E.; Hallstedt, B.; Singheiser, L.
2015Modeling of Fe-W phase diagram using first principles and phonons calculations
Jacob, Aurélie; Schmetterer, Clemens; Singheiser, Lorenz S.; Gray-Weale, Angus A.; Hallstedt, Bengt; Watson, Andrew John A.