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2021Enzyme-Inspired Iron Porphyrins for Improved Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions
Xie, L.; Zhang, X.-P.; Zhao, B.; Li, P.; Qi, J.; Guo, X.; Wang, B.; Lei, H.; Zhang, W.; Apfel, U.-P.; Cao, R.
2021Exploiting FeFET Switching Stochasticity for Low-Power Reconfigurable Physical Unclonable Function
Guo, X.; Ma, X.; Müller, F.; Olivo, R.; Wu, J.; Ni, K.; Kämpfe, T.; Liu, Y.; Yang, H.; Li, X.
2020Homolytic versus Heterolytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Steered by a Steric Effect
Guo, Xiajun; Wang, Ni; Li, Xialing; Zhang, Zongayo; Zhao, Jianping; Ren, Wanje; Ding, Shuping; Xu, Gelun; Li, Jianfeng; Apfel, Ulf-Peter; Zhang, Wie; Cao, Rui
2020Water-Soluble Polymers with Appending Porphyrins as Bioinspired Catalysts for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Xie, L.; Tian, J.; Ouyang, Y.; Guo, X.; Zhang, W.; Apfel, U.-P.; Zhang, W.; Cao, R.
2015Electrochemical generation of hydrogenated graphene flakes
Zhao, M.; Guo, X.-Y.; Ambacher, O.; Nebel, C.E.; Hoffmann, R.
2015On-chip micro-pseudocapacitors for ultrahigh energy and power delivery
Han, J.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chen, L.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Ito, Y.; Guo, X.; Hirata, A.; Fujita, T.; Esashi, M.; Gessner, T.; Chen, M.
2007Ermittlung von Defektmustern basierend auf Defektmanagementsystemen
Guo, XiaoMing
: Schmücker-Schend, Astrid (Supervisor); Winterstein, Georg (Supervisor); Rech, Jörg (Supervisor)
Master Thesis