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2021Metal-Organic-Framework-Supported Molecular Electrocatalysis for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Liang, Z.; Guo, H.; Zhou, G.; Guo, K.; Wang, B.; Lei, H.; Zhang, W.; Zheng, H.; Apfel, U.-P.; Cao, R.
2019Additive manufacturing of biodegradable metals: Current research status and future perspectives
Qin, Y.; Wen, P.; Guo, H.; Xia, D.; Zheng, Y.; Jauer, L.; Poprawe, R.; Voshage, M.; Schleifenbaum, J.H.
2019Additive manufacturing of biodegradable Zn-xWE43 porous scaffolds: Formation quality, microstructure and mechanical properties
Qin, Y.; Wen, P.; Voshage, M.; Chen, Y.; Schückler, P.G.; Jauer, L.; Xia, D.; Guo, H.; Zheng, Y.; Schleifenbaum, J.H.
2019Ar+ ions irradiation induced memristive behavior and neuromorphic computing in monolithic LiNbO3 thin films
Pan, X.; Shuai, Y.; Wu, C.; Zhang, L.; Guo, H.; Cheng, H.; Peng, Y.; Qiao, S.; Luo, W.; Wang, T.; Sun, X.; Zeng, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, W.; Ou, X.; Du, N.; Schmidt, H.
2019Compliance-current-modulated resistive switching with multi-level resistance states in single-crystalline LiNbO3 thin film
Pan, X.; Shuai, Y.; Wu, C.; Luo, W.; Sun, X.; Zeng, H.; Guo, H.; Yuan, Y.; Zhou, S.; Böttger, R.; Cheng, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, W.; Schmidt, H.
2019LowEx communities - Optimised performance of energy supply systems with exergy principles (Annex 64)
Jansen, Sabine; Fremouw, Michiel; Meggers, Forrest; Guo, Hongshan; Schmidt, Ralf-Roman; Maguerite, Charlotte; Martinac, Ivo; Kayo, Genku; Wang, Cong; Gudmundsson, Oddgeir; Brand, Marek; Lund Nielsen, Klaus; Svendsen, Svend; Harrestrup, Maria; Yang, Xiaochen; Sager-Klauss, Christina; Orozaliev, Janybek; Best, Isabelle; Baranski, Marc; Sangi, Roozbeh; Saydi, Saeed; Dammel, Frank; Falk, Paul-Michael; Willems, Eric; Op't Veld, Peter; Baldi, Marta Giulia; Caputo, Paola; Zagarella, Frederica; Kilkis, Siir
: Schmidt, Dietrich (Editor); Kallert, Anna Marie (Editor)
2017Measurement-based harmonic current modeling of mobile storage for power quality study in the distribution system
Wenge, Christoph; Guo, Hui; Roehrig, Christian
2013Integration von AC und DC Offshore Netzen : Beeinflussung der Systemstabilität
Krebs, Rainer; Heyde, C.; Guo, H.; Styczynski, Zbigniew Antoni; Rabe, Steffen; Richter, Marc; Komarnicki, Przemylaw; Wenge, Christoph
2012Parameter estimation of dynamic load model using field measurement data performed by OLTC operation
Guo, H.; Rudion, K.; Abildgaard, H.; Komarnicki, P.; Styczynski, Z.A.
2009Formation of secondary organic particles in elementary school classrooms
Morawska, L.; He, C.; Johnson, G.; Guo, H.; Uhde, E.
2009Ultrafine particles in indoor air of a school
Morawska, L.; He, C.; Johnson, G.; Guo, H.; Uhde, E.; Ayoko, G.
2001Trade-off or invention: Experimental integration of active networking and programmable networks
Karnouskos, S.; Guo, H.; Becker, T.
2000Enable QoS for Distributed Object Applications by ORB-Based Active Networking
Becker, T.; Guo, H.; Karnouskos, S.
2000Enhanced ORB-based active networking
Guo, Hui; Becker, Thomas
2000A Flexible IP Active Networks Architecture
Galis, A.; Plattner, B.; Smith, J.M.; Denazis, S.; Moeller, E.; Guo, H.; Klein, C.; Serrat, J.; Laarhuis, J.; Karetsos, G.T.; Todd, C.
2000Programmable resource control in global active IP networks
Guo, H.; Becker, T.
1998Agents for collaborative information exploration, session WE1: Conceptual and theoretical foundations of multi-agent systems
Voß, A.; Guo, H.; Hausen, H.-L.; Juhnke, M.
1998TopicMark: A topic-focused bookmark service for groups
Guo, H.; Hausen, H.-L.