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2018The histone demethylase Jarid1b mediates angiotensin II‐induced endothelial dysfunction by controlling the 3'UTR of soluble epoxide hydrolase
Vasconez, A.E.; Janetzko, P.; Oo, J.A.; Pflüger‐Müller, B.; Ratiu, C.; Gu, L.; Helin, K.; Geisslinger, G.; Fleming, I.; Schröder, K.; Fork, C.; Brandes, R.P.; Leisegang, M.S.
2016The Histone Demethylase PHF8 Is Essential for Endothelial Cell Migration
Gu, L.; Hitzel, J.; Moll, F.; Kruse, C.; Malik, R.A.; Preussner, J.; Looso, M.; Leisegang, M.S.; Steinhilber, D.; Brandes, R.P.; Fork, C.
2015ACSL by example
Burghardt, Jochen; Gerlach, Jens; Lapawczyk, Timon
: Carben, Andreas; Gu, Liangliang; Hartig, Kerstin; Pohl, Hans; Soto, Juan; Völlinger, Kim
2010Analyzing human complex diseases by applying genome-wide association study, candidate approach, pathway-based approach and endophenotype analysis
Gu, L.
Master Thesis
2010A novel sequence-based method of predicting protein DNA-binding residues, using a machine learning approach
Cai, Y.; He, Z.; Shi, X.; Kong, X.; Gu, L.; Xie, L.
2010Prediction of interaction between enzymes and small molecules in metabolic pathways through integrating multiple classifiers
Lu, J.; Zhu, Y.B.; Li, Y.J.; Lu, W.C.; Hu, L.L.; Niu, B.; Qing, P.F.; Gu, L.
2010Prediction of interactiveness of proteins and nucleic acids based on feature selections
Yuan, Y.; Shi, X.; Li, X.; Lu, W.; Cai, Y.; Gu, L.; Liu, L.; Li, M.; Kong, X.; Xing, M.